Mrs. Jemila Henry Mendis  a well-known international counselor & Therapist has now associated with GPS. No need to go away for career counseling, come at GPS. Available as per parent’s convenience to avail counseling & guidance facility. Every Solution for your ward at GPS with Mrs. Jemila Henry Mendis.

Learning is perhaps one of the most important parts of a young child's life. As a child grows and matures, the skills s/he is taught will help to sculpt into a productive and happy individual. As Preschool mentors, it is our goal to provide an ideal learning environment for a child. We at GPS Khargone, provide an environment that protects, encourages, enables and enriches a child's life to ensure that we can give the best by offering the ideal learning environment to your child.

The Primary block reverbrates with the energy of each Dipsite. The class rooms are well ventillated and naturally lit. The design of class rooms reflects positive energy. The curriculum is planned in a manner which gives equal emphasis to academics and co-curricular activities.Each class room is completely equipped with audio-visual aid and is supported by interactive smart board which makes teaching learning interesting and widens the spectrum.

GPS teachers take their jobs very seriously. They not only ensure that their teaching is effective but they also want the classroom to be a happy, secure place where children develop a love for books and school. At GPS-Khargone the play way approach is used at the pre-primary and primary level. Teachers use flash cards, worksheets and even projects to develop the child’s learning process in a creative, holistic manner. Music, Art and Dance add a new dimension to the youngster's personality. Classical musical and dance, percussion and string instruments, drawing and painting provide opportunities of developing creativity and expressing individuality. Technology aided learning, through smart boards, provided in each classroom to reinforce and clarify abstract concepts.

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