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Ganesh Visarjan
09 Sep 2022 03:23:32 PM

Ganesh Visarjan:09/09/22 After 10 full days of celebration, Ganeshji is presented with bhog, Prasad & lots of delicacies. Thereafter the students and teachers, take his lordship for his final journey for immersion. The immersion too is carried out amidst a lot of celebration – with dances, singing and chanting, duff and dholak rhythms! The immersion, signalling the final adieu to Lord Ganesh, is carried out by taking Lord Ganeshji idol to Kunda River– symbolising the journey of everything on this earth…From dust were we made…and dust we shall be. Ganapati Bappa Moriya!!!!! Agle Barash tu Jaldi Aaa!!!!!