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Motivational Speech
18 Nov 2022 12:37:16 PM

The children of Gokuldas Public School dived in the ocean of joy Enlightened mystic by Anandam Sanstha at Gokuldas Public School, I.I.T. Children were motivated with inspirational thoughts by gold medalist, inspirational speaker, pioneer of personality development Mr. Swalmi Alok ji. At the beginning of the program, Shri Swami ji garlanded the picture of Maa Saraswadti and lit the lamp. The director of the school Mr. Ashok Mahajan welcomed Swami ji with shawl and shreefal. Swalmi ji explained the difference between education and learning in her speech and said that we get a lot of education but do not use it in our life.Explaining the difference between education and learning in his address, Swamiji said that we get a lot of education but do not use it in our lives. Helmet is necessary for our safety, it tells us education but forget to use helmet while driving. Our character is the pivot of our overall personality development, it is our lifetime capital. On being asked about the mantra of success by the children, Swamiji said that earning money or getting desired position is not the only success, to get success we should put in 100% effort, only then we get 200% success. Happiness of mind, healthy body and being able to do something for others along with respect and wealth, this is 200 percent success. Good habits play a very important role in achieving success. Good habits slowly take root in the active mind and then we become like that. To achieve your goal, if you continuously keep adding good habits in your life, then definitely you will get success. Good food is also very important for us. Fast food and cold drinks are like slow poison for us who gradually leads to death not only our body but also our mind. On this occasion, the director of the institute Mr. Ashok Mahajan, Principal Brajesh Kanungo, Vice-Principal Mandala Vedwati and teachers received blessings from Swasmiji.