The National Cadet Corps (NCC)

Introduction – The National Cadet Corps (NCC) has its genesis in the "University Corps" which was created under the Defence Act 1917 with the object to make up the shortage of the Army. The need to create a youth organization at the National Level to train the young boys and girls to be better citizens and future leaders of our great country in all walks of life, including Defence Forces, was rightly realized by our leaders. A committee under Pandit H.N. Kunzru was set up in 1946 at the behest of our first P.M. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. The NCC came into existence on 16th July 1948 under the NCC XXXVI of 1948 under the Ministry of Defence (MOD)

NCC Motto – The Motto of NCC is "Unity of Discipline" which was adopted on 23 December 1957. In living upto its motto, the NCC strives to be and is one of the greatest cohesive forces of our nation, bringing together the youth hailing from different parts of our country and moulding them into united, secular and disciplined citizens of our nation.

NCC in GPS – NCC started in our school in the academic session 2017-18. Twenty five students of class IX have been selected as NCC Cadets and have pledged to serve the nation. It's a great moment of pride and honour for Gokuldas Public School to be the first in the Nimar Region to get an NCC Unit. We are working smoothly under 36 MP Battalian NCC Khandwa M.P.